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The following essays are my thoughts on Satanic Liberation, Philosophy, and Love.


Satanic Liberation

It is the individuals' choice to live their lives in mental bondage or with the freedom to think. The ability to make decisions based upon your own set of personal values is so very hard for the masses to understand. It is far easier to follow the moral molasses of mass thought then to step away from it and follow your own path and think for yourself.

Many people claim to be born Satanist yet few actually realize what that means. It means always knowing whom you are, where you come from, and the willingness to do whatever it takes to survive another day. It is the innate force of Will inside you that powers you to strive and achieve more and be the best that you can be physically, mentally and emotionally.

When people claim to have liberated themselves from the mass delusions of the common mans' thoughts and morals you have to look at it in many ways. Is it for them an escape route that allows them their personal vices? Is it a way to strike back at authority figures with no real substance behind what they think Satanism means? Or is it a realization and recognition of their own personal values and beliefs that were always there.

Satanism is not just all about being able to do whatever you want. It's about taking advantage of everything that comes your way and running with it. It's about making your own life easier and living by your own personal choices, values and ideals. It's about being able to do all that you want and recognize the personal responsibility that comes along with your actions.

Suffering, whining, and complaining are useless weaknesses. You have the ability to change things if you truly desire to. Your inner force of Will should be strong enough to do this. If you are unhappy with something, change it. If you like suffering and complaining go to confession at your nearby xitan church. I am sure they can certainly listen to your problem and direct you to your knees.

As an individual, you can have the desire and means to do anything. As a Satanist it is the internal Force of Will to succeed that counts most. It is this strong internal personal Force of Will that Will Liberate those that have it from the mass conformity of everyone belonging to the herd. The hardest thing is deciding where you belong. All Satanists walk a long, lonely path, apart from the herd. Can you or are you truly ready to walk the Dark Path, or are you too comfortable in your blissful ignorance?

To compare and contrast Maslows' theory of Self-Actualization with LaVeys' theory of Modern Satanism.

One of the great struggles that one encounters in life is the struggle to achieve something more. The inner drive or force of will that separates an individual from the crowd. It is the realization that one is not happy in a simple content existence. It is the recognized inner struggle to progress and proceed forward towards being and accomplishing all that is possible for that individual to achieve. It is also taking this gained knowledge and understanding when is the best possible time to use it. Abraham Maslows' theory of self-actualization states that, "Self-actualization is a never ending process that moves in a dynamic sequence upward through a continuum. The higher the individual processes, the more "profound happiness, serenity, and richness of the inner life" he or she finds"(1). Anton LaVeys' book the Satanic Bible, explains his theories and philosophy of living and succeeding as an individual in todays' world. LaVey states that, "One of the magician's greatest weapons is knowing himself; his talents, abilities, physical attractions and detractions, etc., and when, where, and with whom to utilize them!"(2).

In discussing their individual theories, both Maslow and LaVey try to put their ideas and theories into simple terms that can easily be understood. It is this understanding of terms that focuses on a recognition of the individuals' path or steps that on must follow in order to become a more fully developed individual. Maslow presents a hierarchy of needs that he feels most everyone has the ability to follow. He explains his five basic steps in the path of self-actualization as a hierarchy of need. "The hierarchy of need implies that the lower needs have been adequately satisfied before higher needs emerge. The process is epigenetic in nature… in which one item builds upon another in space and time"(3). Maslow believes that once you start becoming self-actualized, you continue on to try to reach the B-Values. The B-Values include "the need to know (truth seeking) and aesthetic needs (beauty-seeking)"(4). LaVey did not believe that everyone could follow or understand his theories and philosophy, he believed that the masses of humanity were mostly sheep that were content to live in blissful ignorance of the possibility of achieving more. LaVey wrote, "we have made no grandiose promises of infallible enlightenment and emphasized that each must be his or her own redeemer. That the extent of one's superiority (if any) is governed by one's human potential. That "Satan" is a representational concept, accepted by each according to his or her needs"(5). He uses his nine satanic statements to outline and codify his theory. He delves more into these statements in his infernal diatribe. LaVey appears to agree with Maslow on some levels when he states, "The Satanist believes in complete gratification of his ego…Only if a person's own ego is sufficiently fulfilled, can he afford to be kind and complimentary to others, without robbing himself of his self-respect"(6).

An individual, trying to follow Maslows' five basic steps, may never complete them all before they die. Each step must be fully completed successfully before the next one can be tackled. If that step is not completely successful an individual may remain in that phase and never proceed. Maslows' first step encompasses the basic physiological needs. His second step, the need for safety. The third step, would be the need for love and a sense of belonging. His fourth step deals with self-esteem. His fifth step is the need for self-actualization. LaVeys' nine satanic statements do not have to be followed in any particular order. The individual rules are not part of a rigid program. When taken together the rules form the basis of LaVeys' Satanists uncommon common sense rules for successful living.

The process of self-actualization is not an overnight occurrence. It is a life long act of consistently striving to achieve something more. It is a commitment to ideas that are not pretty to some with a recognition that life is not fair. It is the recognition that one must work towards a future whereby on can use their talents, capabilities and knowledge to positively enhance their own life. Maslow sums up his feelings on self-actualization by stating, "So far as motivational status is concerned, healthy people have sufficiently gratified their basic needs for safety, belongingness, love, respect and self-esteem so that they are motivated primarily by trends to self-actualization. (defined as ongoing actualization of potentials, capacities and talents, as fulfillment of mission (or call, fate, destiny, or vocation), as a fuller knowledge of, and acceptance of, the persons' own intrinsic nature, as an unceasing trend towards unity, integration, or synergy within the person)"(7). LaVey disagrees with this idea because of his theory that the common man at a point becomes comfortable and does not want to question or strive for self-actualization. He would also disagree because in his theories there is no mission, "Life is the great indulgence-death, the great abstinence. Therefore, make the most of life--HERE AND NOW!"(8).

Transcendence is thought to mean going beyond the ordinary within your self. It is thought to be the goal of mans' search for inner fulfillment. LaVey offers no clear and easy path to transcendence. There is no right way or wrong way to go about finding your path to physical, spiritual, or emotional transcendence. LaVeys' approach to it is to live ones' life to the fullest. This transcendence is a continuous process that only evolves when one keeps striving towards growth and recognizes that the quest for knowledge, aesthetic truth and the force of will is a hard path to follow. It involves a deep commitment to oneself and a desire to reach a center or balance within yourself that can bring about inner peace and contentment in relation to how one leads their life and in relation to ones' interactions with the world around them. LaVey states that "Adherence to the sensible and humanistic new morality of Satanism can-and will-evolve society in which our children can grow up healthy and without the devastating moral encumbrances of our existing sick society"(10). Maslow expresses his theory by stating that, "Transcendence refers to the very highest and inclusive or holistic levels of human consciousness, behaving and relating, as ends rather than as means, to oneself, to significant others, to human beings in general, to other species, to nature and to the cosmos"(9). It would appear that while Maslow and LaVey have different approaches as to how an individual succeeds in living their life to the fullest in regards to self-actualization, they do agree on the final path or steps as to how one may achieve personal transcendence.

In comparing and contrasting these theories of self-actualization and transcendence, I found them to be closer on many issues than previously expected. While the philosophy and theories of Satanism is considered outside the "norm" and a fringe element, it does have many valid points and ideas contained within it. By comparing and contrasting it, with a recognized theory of human development, I had hoped to show its' value and uses in an individuals development. Thus possibly resulting in the minimizing of prejudices against the actual basic philosophy theory of Satanism.

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Satanism and Love

One of the first things you learn about Satanism is that it is ego driven and that you are to take all responsibilities for your actions. It is that you are the first and only person that matters and that you act in your own best interest. How does one combine their personal views of Satanism with Love? Is it a matter of recognizing the carnality of human desire and the idea of ownership? Is it a matter of taking care of a personal investment of time and energy in another individual? Is it a way of opening yourself up to a greater awareness of the "All, No-Thing or Universe" which in turn may open yourself up to further self-realization and higher personal evolution?

LaVey talks about Loving only those who deserve your Love. He speaks about it in a "human/ physical way". He ties Love and Hate together as a way to explain what one is and how it can not exist or be felt or explained without the other. He goes on to say that since a Satanist can admit to feeling and expressing his hatred he is able to love more fully and deeply. If you waste your energy giving it up to those whom you hate, you give them power. Why would a Satanist give anyone power or energy over themselves? Would not this take away from your core self? Is just the recognition of hatred enough? If you can not smite those or destroy them is not better to write them off and ignore them thus freeing yourself and your energy from the chains of hatred that would tie you to those whom you hate? Would not this freedom from hatred and energy loss allow you to experience Love more fully?

Eliphas Levi in his book Transcendental Magic takes two different views in regards to Love. He talks about how Love or Sexual Love can destroy you. He then goes on to say, "Love is one of the great instruments of magical power, but it is categorically forbidden to the Magus, at least as an intoxication or passion." Was he thinking of the all emcompassing type of Love where you give up everything for another individual? Would not this type of Love go against the basic ideals of a Satanist? Would not one of the hardest lines be to draw of what is a rational or irrational type or kind of Love? Is it possible to draw the lines before the act of Love occurs or can such lines only be seen after the fact? Was Levi talking about how Love in theory can you make you blind to the truth of things and thus would be a horrible fate for a Magus to come to? At another point Levi goes on to talk about how "Love is one of the mythological images of the Great Secret and the Great Agent, because it postulates at once an action and a passion, a void and a plenitude, a shaft and a wound." These opposites of images and symbols appear to be similar to LaVeys' idea of Love and Hate but I feel they are different and should possible be interpreted differently.

Crowley as Levi looked on Love in many different ways. At one point in Magick Liber Aba (book four-parts I- IV) he speaks about how Love does not really exist below the Abyss. He also goes on about how when Love is not perfect, it is a illusion and dangerous, yet says one should learn from it to "be worthy of that perfect love". This appears to go against his statements of "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law" and "Love is the law, love under will". When Crowley speaks about Divine Love, he calls it "a universal solvent and harmonizer" with no limits. This part aligns itself better with his well know two statements. How does a Satanist whom reads Crowley put his own ideas about physical human love in regards to his personal will and desires into a paradigm of what Crowley was talking about? Especially since many Satanist claim to be their own God and thus Divine.

Is the best way to understand Satanism and Love in regards to your own personal system just to follow your inner voice, will and ignore the words of others? Is it the opening of oneself to new experience and dangers that feeds ones' ego and desires? Is it the experiences and knowledge (of Love) gained through rational and irrational acts and forces of will that make an individual more stronger physically, mentally and magickally?

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1 Initation
2 Vampiric
3 Preditory
4 God
5 Reaper
6 Madness
7 Laughter

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